Choosing The Right Cyber Liability

Developing the best game plan to protect your most important assets.

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Cyber liability insurance is an insurance policy that provides businesses with a combination of coverage options to help protect the company from data breaches and other cyber security issues. It’s not a question of if your organization will suffer a breach, but when.

Cyber liability insurance can cover costs associated with data breaches and cyber attacks on your business. Those costs can include such things as lost income due to a cyber event, costs associated with notifying customers affected by a breach, costs for recovering compromised data, costs for repairing damaged computer systems and more.

Cyber coverage can be a crucial safeguard against the devastating financial consequences of a cyber attack. All policies are different and they can offers customized insurance solutions depending on your business’ level of risk, with coverage options available to address:

  • forensic investigations,
  • litigation expenses,
  • regulatory defense expenses/fines,
  • crisis management expenses,
  • business interruption,
  • cyber extortion, and
  • Betterment.


Has your business been phished, hacked or had your computer locked? Have friends received emails that you never sent? What if personal data is stolen and used?