What is Professional Liability Insurance?
Professional liability insurance, also known as errors & omissions, or E&O insurance, helps cover you and your company if you are found negligent in the professional services you provided. For example, if you make a clerical error that costs a client thousands of dollars or if you work as a photographer and accidentally damage a client’s wedding photos. These situations could have costly legal repercussions. Professional liability insurance will help cover the costs and fees associated with the incident.

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?
Many types of businesses need professional liability insurance. If you work directly with customers by providing services, you should consider a professional liability insurance policy. Here are some examples of how specific businesses can benefit from professional liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance for Technology Professionals
Technology is integral to the operation of most businesses today. When technology fails, the financial impact to a business can be significant, and the companies affected often sue their technology product or service providers over errors. Unfortunately, most traditional liability insurance policies are not designed to respond to pure financial claims. We can help protect against errors and omissions (E&O) risks for a broad array of technology companies, including those in the fields of:

• Software & information technology
• Hardware & electronics manufacturing

Professional Liability Insurance for Real Estate Professionals
• Coaching Insurance offers flexible, reliable errors and omissions liability insurance coverage (E&O) that can help protect a wide range of real estate firms against losses resulting from negligence, errors and omissions in the performance of their services.

Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers
We know that no two law firms are alike. We understand that a smaller legal practice typically has different coverage needs than a much larger law firm. That’s why Coaching Insurance provides products that can be tailored by virtually any firm to meet their professional liability coverage needs.

Professional Liability Insurance for Accountants & Tax Preparers
Whether you are a Certified Public Accountant, tax preparer or bookkeeping firm, We can offer small to midsize accounting firms protection from potential liability and malpractice claims.

Professional Liability Insurance for Consultants and Other Professionals
Miscellaneous professional liability insurance coverage from our Companies helps protect consultants and other professionals against errors and omissions (E&O) that may arise from the professional services they provide to clients and other third parties.