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Here is how fleet owners can save money on fuel costs and help the planet stay green!

There is a new way for fleet owners to save money on their fuel costs while simultaneously reducing their carbon and nitrogen emissions. Alternative Fuel Supply, LLC (AFS) offers a turnkey fueling solution for all fleets, while modernizing their fleet vehicles.

AFS can convert vehicles to a bi-fuel system with a separate fuel tank, line and injectors. This allows each vehicle to be powered by either gasoline or propane autogas. Fleet owners using the propane autogas system can reduce their fleet costs by saving up to $1.00 per gallon versus gasoline.

This system works well on all types of fleets, including school and metropolitan buses, taxi cabs, livery vehicles, service and delivery vehicles, police and municipal vehicles and commercial lawn equipment. “The AFS fueling system uses only the most modern technology, including quick-lock fuel nozzles. The average vehicle fuels within two minutes, roughly the same speed as gasoline,” says Mark Milstein, an AFS representative.

The EPA-Certified bi-fuel systems are warrantied for three years and reduce total emissions by 70%–a great benefit to the environment. Fleet owners concerned about the environment will find this system is an easy way to help keep the planet green and healthy. Moreover, cleaner fuel means less required maintenance on your fleet.

AFS filling stations are situated around Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The propane fuel tank, pump, line and injectors are discrete from the existing gasoline system, effectively doubling the range of the vehicle and ensuring that a vehicle out of range from a propane filling station will never be stranded. This bi-fuel system will allow the vehicle to “switch over” to gasoline when necessary.

If you are a fleet owner, it pays to find out more about this new bi-fuel system by emailing Mark Milstein at: mark@altfuelsupply.com

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